The approach to this one on one instruction is determined by the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and personal goals.  For further information, rates and times please contact

Focus will be given to monologue selection, audition etiquette, developing a positive attitude, stage presence, cold reading techniques, interviewing skills and managing anxiety.   Michael Shurleff’s Twelve Guideposts to Auditioning will be used to prepare and develop monologues 


The approach to honing acting skills is determined by the individual’s personal goals.  Areas of possible study include character analysis, text analysis, scene study, methods of relaxation and developing personal expression.  Sessions are useful for actors in preparation for a role or wanting to develop certain aspects of their craft.  

Public Speaking      

Confident and authentic communication skills are essential at work and in everyday life. Sessions will identify the individual’s unique authentic voice, develop stage presence, manage performance anxiety, tap into the individual’s strengths and address perceived weaknesses.